taurus chat embraces Node JS's spirit of scalablity, lightweight, and security. taurus realises how imperative of #long-poll http request is when #websocket is a no-go in a complex production environment.

Not like any other online chat systems, taurus' independent from other npm modules and operates on solely native nodejs (no expressjs, no socket.io) and supports both #Long-poll #Websocket connection.

taurus loves charity works and is ready to be commissioned in any non-profit communities.

curl http://localhost:3131/

taurus Project Page


taurus recommends installing package through --save-dev.

npm install taurus --save-dev

taurus is default to port#3131.


Adding taurus in your client application:

var tau=required('taurus');

1) To initial taurus - TBD.

var option={port:3131};

2) To start taurus - TBD.


3) To run taurus through Grunt you would need a grunt install.

$grunt start (start-dev for dev env)

4) Before running taurus unit test, you also need to install istanbul and to install mocha.

$grunt test


taurus-client: https://github.com/kyasuda2003/taurus-client